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altDip galvanizing – NAGÉV group has applied the latest, state-of-the-art technologies in order to ensure surface protection of industrial structures made of iron or steel, and small articles made of steel for decades. The protection against corrosion in case of properly prepared products might last for 40-50 years, but the protection of structures subject to more extreme weather conditions can also be secured for at least twenty years.

Preparation – During chemical preparation the parts to be treated by hot-dip galvanizing are degreased in line with a specified recipe, impurities are removed from the surface by using acids, and then the parts are rinsed and treated with a salt solution. The process is supposed to enhance the quality of the dip galvanizing and the formation of the zinc coating.

Passivation – In Hungary our company is the only one to provide this service for quality! – NAGÉV CINK Kft. offers passivation of the surfaces as an option for the protection against corrosion; this additional protection makes the hot-dip galvanized products suitable for shipping by sea as well. As part of the unique procedure followed by NAGÉV CINK Kft., after hot-dip galvanization the steel product is dipped into a special solution, as a result of which a transparent acrylate film is created on the surface of the product; this layer prevents the formation of white rust for months.

altWhen purchasing steel as a raw material please contact our strategic partner. (DUTRADE)



Quality – Hot-dip galvanized products from our plants represent reliable quality and the highest technical standards available, and comply with the MSZ EN ISO 1461:2009 standard and EU requirements.

Posterior (additional) treatment and packaging of hot-dip galvanized products – After the hot-dip galvanizing process the following factors play important role: full posterior treatment of the hot-dip galvanized product, the removal of technology residuals at an adequate level and packing in line with the requirements. The demand to perform these services should be registered when the order is placed, then our experienced co-workers perform these tasks as well for a separate fee.

altShipping – We offer our shipping services both in Hungary and abroad against a shipping fee to customers of our hot-dip galvanizing division with reference to steel structures that will be or have already been dip galvanized and packaged.

Technical consulting – Our co-workers with excellent professional background help our customers with technical assistance starting from the planning phase. In accordance with your ideas they provide you with information on the dimensions of the parts that can be dip galvanized, the conditions of deformity-free design and geometrical formation, the optimal placement of the technology inlets/outlets and its dimensions, and the raw materials suitable for performing high-quality dip galvanization. The NAGÉV group checks technical drawings from the point of view of dip galvanization in the interest of production free of charge. If necessary, the company is ready to help its customers by performing test hot-dip galvanizing free of charge in order to determine the steel quality suitable for hot-dip galvanizing. We provide all our partners with specific answers, but we also have information leaflets on the points on selecting the proper corrosion protection, the basics and practice of hot-dip galvanizing and the most important aspects of design. (The leaflets are available under the menu item Advices for design.)

altTraining and education – Hot-dip galvanized steel structures can be produced only if designers, producers of steel structures and the specialists at the hot-dip galvanizing plant cooperate. For the sake of mutual success the hot-dip galvanizing division of the NAGÉV group is ready to organize trainings on hot-dip galvanizing either at the training centre of the company located in Ócsa, or at the customers’ premises.

Liaison in person – Our partners can contact their allocated salesmen, who have the necessary professional background, at any time.

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