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Different industrial applications of gratings are used in our everyday life for various purposes. This section aims at introducing the most frequent options for using the products of NAGÉV RÁCS Kft. Grating for stairs NAGÉV fence system

Walkway Gratings Stairsteps NAGÉV Fences
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This grating product is primarily used to cover steel structures within construction sites and industrial facilities, but as its multiple application options are recognised, it is becoming more and more popular in other fields as well.

Gratings for stairs are used to create the walking surfaces of stair structures either with straight or arc-like design. In addition to industrial use, today they are used increasingly for external and internal stairs of residence buildings, apartment houses, weekend houses and public institutions as well.


NAGÉV fences are aesthetic, harmonic, and fit into the environment. Due to their simplicity, durability and easy installation they meet individual and additional requirements as well.

Rainwater drainage Doormat gratings Gratings for ventilation well Foot Scraper Gratimgs Ventilation well covering
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Considering today’s extreme weather conditions with heavy rains, we must ensure the safe draining of the precipitation arriving suddenly and in huge quantities. NAGÉV’s drain gratings provide a solution for this problem, as these heavy-duty steel structures covered with gratings can be integrated into roads and pavements.

The gratings are able to remove more mud if the ribs that are perpendicular to the direction of the path are embossed (CSM4).

The function of the ventilation well is to provide rooms with windows located under the ground surface with ventilation and light. Gratings together with the installation frame ensure coverage and protection against entering and vandalism.

Shadow gratings Deep gratings for trees Stair structures Tree protecting grids Staircases
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cDuring the design and building of facades for new buildings architectural tools must be used (e.g. external sheltering) for protection against exposure to the sun and overheating during the summer. The lightweight gratings with identical main ribs and ribs developed by NAGÉV Rács Kft. can be used for sheltering as well. Deep gratings for trees (tree protecting grids) consist of two removable grid sections and a frame that can be installed into concrete; therefore they can be installed around the tree afterwards as well. Their design facilitates the irrigation of the plant, the leakage of the accumulated rain water, and at the same time the removable grid allows works to be done on the soil around the tree trunk.

Stairs play an important role in industrial facilities, buildings and residence buildings in many ways. The stairs of NAGÉV RÁCS Kft. are characterised by adequate strength, lightweight structural elements, modular system for the installation, screw joints, quick installation and proper stability.


Shelf gratings – An increasing number of warehouses, industrial facilities and logistics centres is constructed as there is a growing demand for the professional storage of spare parts and articles involving large volumes. Shipping – NAGÉV’s shelf gratings of different size, design and load capacity provide a solution for this demand.

Panel grating – A grating panel is a pressed grating with huge dimensions. Its advantages include accurate cutting in the workshop or on the spot and a short production deadline. Posterior cutting is recommended for untreated products only, meaning products without hot-dip galvanizing.

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