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In addition to the various gratings, and in order to meet the demands of the market, NAGÉV Rács Kft. offers the following services to its customers.






Technical assistance – We want our partners to have the product that best suits their needs, therefore our experienced co-workers are ready to assist our customers via telephone, e-mail or in form of a face-to-face consultation.

On-the-spot assessment – When an order is placed, our specialists – upon a preliminary agreement on the date – perform an assessment on the spot in order to determine the exact form and accurate size of the product.

Design – In order to have the suitable and economic grating selected, allocated, created and installed, our specialists create the optimal designs for you to be implemented by using latest, state-of-the-art design software.

Production of other structures – On top of the above-mentioned services we undertake the production of smaller steel structures connected to gratings too.

Shipping – The NAGÉV company group has vehicles of different sizes and capacities available to meet shipping demands. Lighter and smaller grating products are shipped to our customers by companies specialized in handling groupage freight assignments.  



Assembly – The installation and assembly of our products in accordance with the requirements is subject to a separate order.

Warehouse stock – In order to provide our customers with faster services, NAGÉV RÁCS Kft. has warehouse stock of gratings and grating panels, as well as stairs of certain types and sizes and all variants of fixing elements.

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