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The grating


Gratings are of paramount importance among the products produced by the NAGÉV group. Actually, this is one of our first products but the demand for it remained high in Hungary and abroad. During the 20 years while it has been in production, its form, material and production technology have been changed in accordance with market needs. Among the companies of the group, NAGÉV RÁCS Kft. continues the production of gratings.

According to definition, grating is a flat-surface structure between two supportive points, enclosed by an integrated frame, consisting of main ribs and secondary ribs that are perpendicular to each other, and is suitable for bearing the orthogonal forces reaching the load planes formed by the ribs and the frame. Gratings are made of cold-rolled or hot-rolled, non-alloy structural and corrosion-resistant steel.

They are produced with a smooth walking surface, however, if required – in order to increase adhesion – the main ribs and the ribs can be produced with a non-slip design, meaning a pattern below or above the level of the walking surface. We recommend fixing the grating to the supportive structure by using screw joints that can be loosened.

The product to be produced or ordered can be specified clearly by determining the following features:

  • Cross-section of the main rib,
  • cross-section of the rib,
  • the space between the ribs,
  • the formation of the walking surface,
  • frame type,
  • type of surface protection,
  • shape, and supplementary fittings.

The detailed definitions are available in the Information sheet on design to be downloaded from our website; we recommend using it when planning your orders.

Protection against corrosion


The most reliable and most frequently applied anti-corrosion process for treating gratings made of carbon steel is hot-dip galvanizing.
Our company uses this technology, but we also sell untreated products, meaning products without coating. In case of industrial or outdoor use the optimal life span/cost ratio can be reached by using hit-dip galvanizing.
Primarily, the hit-dip galvanizing process is an anti-corrosion technology to be considered for the treatment of steel structures. The quality of the coating is in compliance with the MSZ EN ISO 1461 standard.
For ribs of 2 mm in diameter the thickness of the zinc layer must be at least 45-55 μm, and for thicker ribs at least 70-85 μm. If required, we can cover the gratings with a paint layer from the RAL colour scale or apply double corrosion protection consisting of a zinc coating and paint coating.
The quality of our coating is in compliance with the MSZ EN ISO 1461:2009 standard.

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