The NAGÉV brand name is already well known among the industrial walkway grating users. The NAGÉV company group is an industrial enterprise that has a longer than twenty years past. NAGÉV Kft. – the first company of the group - was founded by Mr. János Antal Nagy as its sole owner in year 1991 as a private enterprise specialised primarily on manufacturing walkway gratings. The gratings of NAGÉV Kft are ideal for covering the walkway surfaces of industrial plants, power stations, public utility plants, bridges, stairs, work scaffoldings, service stages and the walkway planks of scaffolding systems, as well as for ensuring safe walking over them.  The activity of the company has been characterised by the triangle of excellent quality, favourable price and the strict observation of the delivery deadlines. The products of the company have been developed in-house, and some of them are based on own patents. The building industry also appreciates the purposeful developments of the company by submitting significant orders. The largest hot-dip galvanizing plant of East Hungary, operating successfully since 1998, belongs to the NAGÉV company group. The company undertakes piece-work as well at its premises located in Tiszacsege in addition to galvanizing the grating products.
The NAGÉV Kft. belongs among the market leaders in our country in both the sector of grating production and the sector of East Europe.
The owner of the group made a new strategic decision after a couple of years following the starting of the plant,  and he decided to build the most modern and the largest galvanizing company of Hungary, in the vicinity of Budapest, on the industrial area of Ócsa town.

The technological dimensions of the galvanizing workshop (15 m x 1.8 m x 3 m, with a greatest galvanizable mass of 8.5 t) allows the company to offer galvanizing services with parameters and usability that are greater than ever before.
The computer controlled and monitored automatic production line implements the most efficient and the cleanest industrial technology, which fully meets the environment protection and technology requirements of our days.
The galvanizing plant offers its services to its partners as a special service, with galvanizing done in the framework of piecework.
The Group is a known and acknowledged partner of the steel structure manufacturers of the country. It undertakes the implementation of durable protection of those elements against corrosion that are essential for construction and renovation works, and at the same time it also provides services directly for all the customers.

The NAGEV Kft, the NAGÉV CINK Kft. and the NAGÉV RACS Kft. accumulated such a knowledge base, with the aid of which they are able to provide primary information for their clients concerning the application of the technology of hot-dip galvanizing. The services offered by the companies assist their partners in performing the orders of their own clients always with products of reliable quality, in a cost efficient manner and with observing the shortest delivery deadlines possible.


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